Doors Have Opened Back Up For Pamskey's Place LIfe Learning Center. Get In Now!

I am Coach Pamskey

I am a Certified Incident Stress Management Responder

I studied under Dr. Larry Crabb, Dr. Norman Wright, and Dr. Henry Cloud

I am the founder and CEO of Pamskey's Place LLC.

I am a motivational speaker with an amazing story of Resilience, Redemption, and Restoration.

I am the creator of:

Pamskey's Place - Life Learning Center,

"BOLD" How to become and stay resilient. 

"The One" breathing method

"No More Method" Action steps to be present and enjoy life.

"The Wisdom Bible Study Method".

I began empowering and supporting women in 2001. I am honored to breathe life into thousands of women's lives. 

I am known to be like the fresh wind that changes the seasons.

About Me

I’m proof that you can rise out of the pit of unworthiness and overcome the deep-rooted beliefs keeping you from living your authentic self.
Abuse, house fire, betrayal, death, illness, and hardship are some of what I experienced on my road in life. I was left feeling angry, lonely, hurt, and anxious. I truly believed I was a mistake with no purpose. Not knowing where to turn for help, I spent many years depressed, walled-off, self-condemned, stuffing emotions, and acting out in rage. No one knew I was dying inside. I wore a façade to make everyone think I was fine.
I secretly resented and didn’t trust God. But, in desperation, I cried out to Him, and He was faithful in providing the right people and tools I needed to heal. I will admit that the journey was not always easy. However, I experienced transformation, learned valuable lessons, and gained effective tools in helping the process to courageously be me, the Pam who was created before the world got to me.
I made it my mission to show women how to rise above the effects of dysfunction. For over 20 years, I have had the honor of speaking life to women who were without hope and providing specific steps through the "No More Method" that causes a change from the inside out. I also created the "One Method." to help women stay grounded and calm during anxious moments.
You are the only one who can choose to have better. If you want something different, you have to do something different.
I am here for you when you decide you are ready to do whatever it takes to have a life beyond what you can begin to imagine. 
I know it is scary. I’ll walk beside you and light the way. Come on now, let’s do this together.

 Ready to start growing? Here are some ways to get started. 

Self-Paced Classes

Want to learn specific ways to be who you were created to be? Sip a cup of your favorite hot drink while taking inspirational classes when convenient for you.

*Available only for Pamskey's Place "Thrive While Alive" members.


Online Live Events

Join in on live events twice a month discussing topics that women want most. Discussion time is powerful and extremely helpful.

*Available only for Pamskey's Place "Thrive While Alive" members.


Private Group Events

Spend time with Pamskey in private group meetings to interact on a personal level. Get answers and steps to help walk through difficult seasons.