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Are you tired of people taking advantage of you?

People-pleasing leaves you frustrated and exhausted. The good news is, you can do something about it. "Time For You" is just what you need to eliminate people-pleasing and gain a sense of self-respect.


A membership for Christian women who are tired of shallow messages and empty answers.

 Life can be hard. Having the right tools, encouragement, and connections can make all the difference. Pamskey's Place provides:

  • Online Live Events
  • Hours of Teaching on topics women want most.
  • Powerful testimonies and recorded comments from women who don't have it all together, but are learning to "Thrive While Alive".
  • Bible Studies, Devotionals, and Prayers
  • Supportive Community



 It’s nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Pam McCloskey, Founder, and CEO of Pamskey's Place. I spent years allowing my thoughts and feelings drive me to act in undesirable ways. I needed helpful tools and a safe, supportive community. Finding them was not easy.

Realizing I was not alone in what I was going through, wanting others to receive what they needed, and having that all in one place, is why I created Pamskey's Place.

"You," are the driving force behind everything we create and share.

Who am I? Click the "More About Me" button below.



“Pam teaches and shares with such warmth and passion. Those who are blessed to work with her, walk away with hope and the ability to grow into strong Christian women. ”


Lisa Abormitis

Colleen Cooper

Pam is very caring and understanding. She encouraged me to stay in the present and not camp out in the past. She taught me I do not have to allow bitterness to dwell in me.  She is a wonderful listener without judgment. 

Pam has a gift for asking just the right questions to draw out the very things that hold us back. She is passionate about helping women understand how special they are and how much they are loved by our Heavenly Father, even when we don't feel loved by others.

If you are willing to be honest with yourself and are ready to be free, I highly recommend Pamskey's Place and working with Pam. 


Brenda Snyder

The words I would use to describe Pam are caring, genuine, uplifting, and very relatable. She has always been very patient with me and helped me to grow in many ways. I am forever grateful God led me to her.